Gymstars Competition League

EXCEL’s Gymstars starts October 7th, 2017.

Signup Deadline: October 7th

Gymstars is open to all of EXCEL’s students ages 5 and up!

What Is Gymstars Competition League?

  • Gymstars is an opportunity for your child to experience what competition gymnastics is like without the full commitment of our competitive team students.
  • Your child will learn routines during their 12 weeks of Gymstars practices that they will then compete at our Gymstars meet!
  • Gymstars classes are in addition to their regular, weekly classes. This means they will have two classes a week, one focusing on skills, and the other on routines, all while complementing each other.
  • The Gymstars 12 week session is concluded with a Gymstars Meet. This meet is filled with fun and excitement as family and friends come watch their gymstar show off all their hard work, compete their routines in front of our judges, and leave with goody bags!


  • All Gymstars Fees (Tuition, Meet Fee, and Leotard) must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the Meet for them to be able to compete.
  • Each girl will have a special competition leotard. Cost of the leotard (TBD)
  • There are no make up classes for missed Gymstars classes.

How can my child join?

Payment Options:

  • Leotard Cost (TBD)
  • Pay 3 Payments of $60/month
    • $60 Payments are due the 15th of each month.
  • A $50 Meet Fee


  • Leotard Cost
  • Pay Tuition and Meet Fee in full for $215