Parents’ Night Out

Parents’ Night Out (PNO) is a great opportunity for you to get away for a couple hours and take some time for yourself. EXCEL will be hosting a PNO once a month for October, November, and December on the third Friday of the month


-$20 PNO (Members)
-$25 PNO(Non- members)

Our Theme is: ELF Extravaganza!
On December 15th, we’re going to have a ton of holiday fun while the parents take a night out or get some shopping done.
-Come dressed in Christmas attire! (PJs welcome)
-We’ll have paper snowball fights!
-ELF on the Shelf Hunt where we’re we’ll look and see where Elliot is hiding around the gym!
-Holiday inspired crafts!
-Foam Pit!
-We’ll end the night with the movie ELF and Popcorn!

Dinner and Dessert! Pizza and a Christmas themed dessert will also be provided!

Call our office or stop by today to sign up!
(770) 277-9434

Payment must be submitted at sign up in person or over the phone.